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Speeding is a growing problem with less drivers on the road

| Oct 31, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Given the current health concerns in California and across the United States, there are fewer people taking to the road. While this might seem to reduce the chance of a motor vehicle accident because there are not as many drivers, there are other potential hazards that rise with the lessened traffic. For example, people may feel the freedom to commit safety violations they otherwise would not. That can include distracted driving, operating a vehicle recklessly, and speeding.

According to California officials, there has been a dramatic increase in speeding incidents across the state. Since the state began its lockdown in late-March, there has been an 87% spike in the number of drivers who were cited for exceeding 100 mph. There were just shy of 2,500 violations in that timeframe. At the same time in 2019, that was 1,335. This is a direct connection to the reduced volume as there are 35% fewer vehicles on the road. One driver was stopped for going 165-mph. State officials expressed their consternation with these driving behaviors.

People who are driving lawfully should be cognizant of this potential danger. When a speeding vehicle is involved in an accident, worse injuries often result including spinal cord damage, head injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and death.


Any auto accident can cause injuries and death, but if the vehicle that caused your injuries was being operated in a reckless manner with egregiously excessive speeds, this can be a fundamental factor in proving your legal claim. Medical expenses, lost time on the job, the need for extensive rehabilitation and care are all potential challenges after a motor vehicle accident. When there is a fatality, the family left behind could be confronted with problems making ends meet, the emotional aftermath of unexpectedly and unnecessarily losing a loved one, and medical costs before death.

Insurance companies will frequently try to settle a claim before it heads to court, but any offer they make will likely be as limited as possible. In retrospect, people could realize they made a rash decision and did not recover a sufficient amount for all they lost. Before accepting an offer, you should speak with an attorney. Contacting a law firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents can be a wise step for a legal claim.