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Common causes cited for FELA injury claims

| Oct 28, 2020 | Firm News |

Workplace injuries in all industries have some common contributing factors. Some of the same hazards threaten office workers, construction workers and railroad workers alike. And, sadly, in all industries, most injuries are preventable.

One of the contributing factors is the failure to pre-plan jobs, which often leaves workers unprepared for the hazards they may face. Failing to pre-plan jobs can cause also workers to take shortcuts or engage in other risky behavior.

Another common hazard involves negligent housekeeping. Wet, slippery areas, or randomly placed objects and debris often lead to slips or trips, and the resulting injuries can cause lacerations, strains, sprains and even traumatic brain injuries.

Distractions are present in all work environments, and often the cause of workplace accidents. Distractions can be cellphones, noise, clutter and mental disturbances that involve problems at home. One of the most significant reasons for work-related injuries is complacency. Workers who have done the same type of work for years without incidents can end up taking shortcuts and disregarding safety protocols — often with devastating consequences.

Railroad workers in California who are dealing with high medical bills and lost wages as the result of a work-related injury might feel overwhelmed. However, help is available with the navigation of an attorney that handles FELA injury claims.