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Truck accidents involving passenger vehicles can be catastrophic

| Mar 17, 2020 | Truck/Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Sharing the California roads with big rigs can be harrowing. The best line of defense for drivers of passenger cars is to learn to navigate safely around large trucks on the highways. There is no getting away from the fact that passenger vehicle occupants have little chance of escaping without serious injuries, or worse if they are involved in truck accidents. Typically, large trucks and buses need more space in which to stop and also to turn.

Drivers  of large vehicles have blind spots. If a car driver cannot see his or her vehicle reflected in the trucker’s rear or side-view mirror, it is likely that the car is in a blind spot and not visible to the truck operator. When passing a large vehicle, it is a good idea to wait until both that vehicle’s headlights can be seen in the mirror before moving back into the lane in front of the truck.

Caution is necessary on routes that are shared with streetcars, trolleys and light rails. Light rails pose significant dangers because they cannot move out of the way in an emergency. Drivers of passenger cars must never pass other vehicles on the right side, and when these drivers join traffic lanes at an on-ramp, it is essential not to cut in ahead of big rigs without leaving enough space for them to slow down to avoid the car.

While learning how to navigate safely around large vehicles on California highways will limit the risks of being involved in truck accidents, this knife cuts both ways. If truckers are not cautious and drive recklessly, passenger vehicle drivers will be at higher risk, regardless of the amount of care they take. Victims of truck accidents typically suffer serious injuries that require extended hospital stays and often also physical therapy. These costs, along with lost income and other financial and emotional damages might be recoverable through the California civil justice system — a complicated process, which can be simplified with the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.