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The consequences of motor vehicle accidents can be life-altering

| Mar 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The impact of a brain injury can change not only the life of the victim but also his or her family members and close friends. The fact that many TBIs are hidden makes living with a brain injury even more difficult for crash victims in California and elsewhere. Brain injuries could be catastrophic even without external damage. Motor vehicle accidents often cause whiplash injuries in which the brain smashes into the inner walls of the skull, causing bruising, swelling and sometimes bleeding on the brain — all of which could be invisible to others.

TBI can also be the result of slip or trip-and-fall accidents, depending on whether the person’s head strikes a stationary object or a hard floor. The impact that such a brain injury can have on the victim depends on the area of the brain that is damaged. Along with physical injuries, emotional and financial consequences could be significant.

The economic losses typically include lost wages along with medical expenses. In some cases, brain injuries require surgery to open an area of the skull to prevent more damage due to the swelling of the brain. Also, surgery may be necessary when pieces of glass or other objects penetrated the skull. Extended hospitalization might follow, and the victim would likely need ongoing therapy.

Fortunately, the California civil justice system allows victims to pursue claims for financial relief. A successful lawsuit would need the plaintiff to show that the negligence of another party was the proximate cause of the brain injury. This is a complicated field of the law, and most victims seek the support and guidance of an attorney who has experience in dealing with motor vehicle accidents and working to recover financial and emotional damages on behalf of clients.