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Railroad workers might need help to navigate FELA injury claims

| Dec 10, 2019 | Fela Injury Claims |

When railroad workers in California and other states suffer work-related injuries, they are typically eligible for financial assistance under the Federal Employers Liability Act. However, navigating the claims process could be challenging, and a worker’s case can be adversely affected if the necessary steps are not taken. The events that occur in the immediate aftermath of an accident can determine the success of FELA injury claims.

Getting the necessary medical care is vital, but the worker must report the injury to his or her employer or supervisor as soon as possible. When filling out the injury report form, it is crucial to include as much detail about the circumstances, factors and possible causes of the accident. Also, it’s important to detail the injuries that resulted, and the extent to which they affect the worker’s ability to return to work.

Following emergency medical treatment, injured workers may wish to consult with their own physicians for additional treatment. Copies of all the medical reports must be gathered, along with doctors’ and hospital bills, and other relative documentation. Writing a personal injury report can be valuable with respect to subsequent claims. This report can detail the incident and the impact of the injuries on the life of the victim, along with the names of witnesses. Keeping a record of lost work time due to the injury is essential.

It can be daunting to have to deal with all the necessary steps at a difficult time, but help is available. An attorney with experience in dealing with FELA and fighting for fair compensation for injured railroad workers in California can be an invaluable asset for injured workers. A lawyer can protect the rights of the employee and work on obtaining maximum benefits under applicable laws.