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Image from an actual HMN case, reproduced with permission

When people drive on California highways, they may sometimes feel uncomfortable driving next to large trucks. Some people may worry about what will happen if there is a collision. Large truck collisions happen for many reasons, and to stay safe on the road, it is important to know the factors at play in these crashes. 

Sometimes truck accidents happen because the weather is bad. According to GTG Technology Group, ice, snow and rain can cause truck accidents if the trucker does not drive in an appropriate manner. Additionally, a trucker might cause a crash if he or she does not maintain the vehicle. Important safety components, such as the braking system, usually experience a lot of wear, and a collision might occur if these systems do not work. A truck accident might also happen if the cargo is not loaded properly. If people overload a truck or if the cargo is not secured correctly, the cargo might fall off the truck, and this situation can cause an accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that many crashes between passenger vehicles and trucks happen because a driver is sleepy or not paying enough attention to the road. Distractions and illnesses can also cause these accidents. In some situations, a person might drive too fast. Additionally, drivers may assume a truck will maneuver in a certain way when a truck driver intends to perform a different maneuver. Truckers may also fail to have enough stopping distance.

It is important for people to remember that sometimes there is no simple explanation for a truck accident. There may be many factors that cause the crash and some of these factors might occur a long time before the collision. Sometimes a truck driver might not get enough sleep, for example, and this type of factor usually happens several hours before the accident. Drivers generally cannot control the actions of other people, so it is a good idea for drivers to make sure they always maneuver safely on the road.