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Image from an actual HMN case, reproduced with permission

Should a truck collision injure you or someone you love, there would probably be severe consequences. These crashes are violent, involving heavy commercial vehicles at high speeds. That means the people responsible for the accident would probably have quite a bit at stake in terms of medical bills and other economic damages under California law.

Unfortunately, this might cause the people responsible for your injuries to pass the blame on to others, in order to escape responsibility. In order to understand this process, and to determine whether people are indeed trying to shirk accounability, it is important that you know all of the parties involved in your incident. Please read on for a brief description of people and companies that may share some of the blame for an injury you received from a crash with a truck.

As explained on FindLaw, the primary people involved, yourself and the commercial driver, are simply two possible parties to the action. In fact, the ones who might bear even more responsibility are the owners of the truck itself and the people who hired the driver.

The ground-freight logistics companies that manage, dispatch and hire truckers are often interlaced to such a degree that it may be difficult to determine who exactly made certain decisions. If, for example, a driver’s record of poor safety did not come to light during the hiring process, that could be the fault of a trucking company or a third-party employment agency. In the case of owner-operators, the driver could be personally responsible.

Beyond these business service entities, there are a number of other factors involved in most commercial vehicle crashes. Low-quality parts in your vehicle or the commercial truck may have contributed to the collision. Since it is everybody’s responsibility to keep the roadways safe, an apparent shirking of responsibility could actually represent a gesture towards placing an appropriate amount of fault on every party involved. Of course, each collision is unique. This is only background information. Please do not view it as legal advice.