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Truck driver faces charges following fiery interstate collision

| May 6, 2019 | Truck/Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

One may need only look at the massive semi-trucks traveling in and around Oakland to ascertain the devastating potential that they present. Because of that, trucking companies should be sure that not only are the drivers they employ capable of adequately controlling such vehicles, but also that the vehicles themselves are in top working order at all times. The failure of any system on a semi-truck can lead to a chain of events whose eventual results can be catastrophic

This fact was recently confirmed in a fiery crash in Colorado. Investigators say that a semi-truck plowed into stopped traffic on an interstate. In all, 28 vehicles were involved in the collision (including three other semi-trucks). The crash ignited fires that kept first responders from immediately reaching accident victims. The flames were eventually extinguished, but not before causing structural damage to the adjacent overpass. 

In all, 4 people were killed in the collision while several others were injured. The driver whose caused the collision was himself injured. In a subsequent conversation with his brother, he claimed that the brakes on his truck failed. Even so, authorities are planning on charging him with multiple counts of vehicular homicide. 

Accident victims in cases like this often need compensation to deal with their  expenses and losses. Yet when a criminal investigation into the matter is ongoing, they may feel as though they are compelled to wait until the justice system has its opportunity to address the situation. This is actually incorrect; civil action can indeed be undertaken in conjunction with a criminal trial. Those needing to initiate it may want to consult with an attorney sooner rather than later.