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Does smartphone addiction lead to serious injury?

| Apr 18, 2019 | Catastrophic Injuries |

The functionality of a smartphone leads Americans to use them frequently in their daily lives. However, too much reliance on smartphones can create an addiction to these devices. A smartphone addiction is something to be concerned about since it can increase the likelihood of distraction while driving on a California road and cause an auto collision that could result in serious injury to the motorist and other parties.

Psychguides.com explains that smartphone addiction may lead people to use their phones while driving. Some motorists operate under the mistaken belief that they can multitask, but dividing your attention from the road to text on your phone can actually be as hazardous as having too much alcohol in your system as you drive. The result is that the motorist, passengers in the vehicle and other parties on the road are placed in significantly greater danger.

Smartphone addiction can also create psychological problems. The constant use of a smartphone can socially isolate people and cause personal relationships to suffer. Also, the use of cell phones on an increased basis can make it harder to go to sleep and may produce sleep disorders or insomnia. Other problems can include depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and anxiety.

The use of a smartphone can also result in eye strain. After looking at a digital screen for over a two hour period, a person’s eyes may start to burn or itch. Eye fatigue can set in. Vision can become blurred. Eventually, a phone user may develop headaches. Some people also develop pain in their neck from staring down at a smartphone or a tablet for too long a period.

The psychological and physical consequences of smartphone addiction can make it hard for a person to function normally in everyday life. A person that is afflicted with emotional distress induced by cell phone addiction or has blurry vision from looking at a phone for too long may not drive very well and could get into an accident. This makes it imperative that excessive smartphone use be dealt with as soon as possible.

This article is written solely to provide general information on personal injury topics. Do not take it as legal counsel for your particular situation.