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Overcrowded rest stops are a dangerous hazard

| Mar 27, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truck drivers face many unique risks as part of their job, but one prevalent danger is fatigue. Many truckers in California are required to drive long hours and some of them irresponsibly failt to get adequate rest before their shift begins. To help manage this ongoing risk, rest stops were created to provide a safe and convenient solution for truck drivers, and other motorists, who need to rest temporarily on the side of the road. 

What many people fail to recognize is how rest stops can also be dangerous when they become overcrowded, as was demonstrated by a recent, fatal accident in Trenton, Ohio.

In that incident, a well-known restauranteur was killed upon impact when his SUV slammed into the rear of a parked semi-truck. The truck, upon seeing that there were no open parking spots in the lot of the rest stop, parked his truck alongside the on-ramp to the rest stop in an area that was clearly designated as a “no parking” zone. 

This tragedy highlighted a problem that is not exclusive to Ohio, but is prevalent all over the country at overcrowded rest stops. While the driver was issued a citation for parking illegally, officials are pushing for alternative solutions and penalties to prevent future incidents that may create injury or death. 

People injured in a traffic accident often struggle to get compensated for their injuries. An experienced attorney can help, by finding and gathering all the evidence that is needed to demonstrate why the victim should receive full compensation for his or her injuries. 

Source: daytondailynews.com, “Officials warned of ‘accident waiting to happen’ before Butler County fatal rest stop crash,” Rick McCrabb and Lynn Hulsey, Mar. 21, 2019