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Our love of Amazon is clogging our roads

As Amazon continues to explode in growth and our retail activity moves online, it’s having an unintended side effect:

The number of delivery trucks on local roads are rising. This is creating unique challenges for our daily commute.

A new fleet of delivery vehicles

The online marketplace has given us cheaper products and the ease of two-day shipping. It has also created a new obstacle on roads. The boom of online shopping has increased congestion on city roads. Research shows that by 2020, delivery vehicles will cost America $34 billion a year in urban congestion costs. That’s a 20 percent increase from 2014, and the number is only growing.

Delivery fleets have ramped up in size over the last few years. Amazon itself has purchased 20,000 Mercedes vans to challenge UPS and FedEx as a major delivery service. As we continue to use Amazon Prime and other online shopping resources, our roads are paying the toll.

Added risks for all drivers

The influx of delivery trucks means all drivers have new dangers to watch for on a commute, including:

Extra congestion

Delivery trucks can slow the flow of traffic because they make frequent stops. This has a ripple effect that can lead to hours of lost time and angry drivers, increasing incidents of aggressive driving and road rage.

Parking issues

Drivers of these trucks are often forced to double-park or park in no-parking zones to make their delivery rounds. This can lead to narrow traffic corridors and unforeseen roadside obstacles. On smaller city streets, a truck can cut off an entire lane. Accidents can happen as cars navigate around these trucks.

Unexperienced drivers

As the demand for delivery jobs continues to grow, companies are taking on new drivers. Amazon even contracts some deliveries out to people without any special license. This creates a fleet of new, inexperienced drivers on our roads.

Another obstacle on our roads

As Amazon continues to grow unabated, we will see more delivery trucks on our roads. These trucks add another obstacle for drivers to react to and may put motorists in dangerous situations.

If you’re in an accident with a delivery truck or another driver hit you navigating around one, a knowledgeable attorney can be a valuable resource.

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