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Holding big railroad businesses responsible

| Dec 4, 2018 | Fela Injury Claims |

Both the implementation of the railways in California and the maintenance of their daily operations rank among the greatest feats of human engineering and ingenuity. If you have ever worked in the railroad industry, then you probably know that the immense forces involved do not always succumb to the systems designed to control them. In short: Accidents happen.

At Hildebrand McLeod and Nelson LLP, we believe that the safety responsibilities of large carrier companies become greater as the dangers of the industry increase. With the progression of technology and the shifts in professional duties comes a renewed need for railroad worker representation and protection.

What unexpected hazards come with this new landscape, and how will the changes increase on-the-job risk factors? These are the problems employers often fail to address. Unfortunately, we also often have to deal with the result of these unasked questions: due to the injuries that change the lives of those who work for railroads.

The carriers and equipment manufacturers are not responsible for every injury in the industry — but we are typically able to show that organizational negligence by the railroad was a cause, in whole or in part, of our clients’ injuries. Success in this regard allows us to secure jury verdicts or settlement agreements that cover any and all losses. 

Our clients who work on trains or in the various rail crafts deserve to have their health and livelihoods protected. If the railroad corporations do not feel the same way, we are prepared to show them the error of their ways. Please read more on our main site.