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Is the road more dangerous during the holidays?

| Nov 27, 2018 | Truck/Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Many people in California take to the roads to visit their families during the Holiday season. Some drivers might have more distractions than normal, while others might  drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel. There are a number of hazards you could face from other cars, but there is also an even deadlier threat. 

Other traffic comes from a different source: commercial trade. It is not just your imagination — there are more trucks than usual on the road during these times. In fact, as you might expect, the Holidays are the busiest periods of the year for most shipping companies in the state.

This increased traffic, according to Motley Fool, puts a lot of pressure on major logistics companies. You could see that translate into increased fatigue on the part of truck drivers, fewer experienced professionals behind the wheel, and a variety of other problems that could lead to a tragic accident.

Any accident that you might have involving a commercial trucker could prove to be catastrophic for you and your family. As anyone who has witnessed or survived these types of events would attest, you do not want to have a collision with a large commercial vehicle.

Furthermore, you could have more trouble pursuing a case against the responsible parties in a commercial trucking accident than you would in a case that involved two individuals. There are multiple parties that could potentially get involved in your negotiations and litigation:

  • National motor carriers
  • Local contracting companies
  • Independent truck drivers
  • Freight Shippers and Brokers
  • Each party’s insurance company

Navigating the conflicting interests of these various groups and individuals while understanding the specific regulations governing commercial freight on the highways could provide a significant challenge. Unfortunately, your ability to secure the most favorable outcome possible for your case will depend on keeping all these concerns in mind. Please do not view this is legal advice. It is only general information.