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Who pays for injuries from accidents at retail stores?

| Jun 15, 2018 | Premises Liability |

You deserve to have a safe shopping experience, whether you are browsing a local boutique or getting a bargain at a warehouse club. Unfortunately, many California retailers do not place your safety as their first priority. If you were to be injured while running your daily errands, that could represent a dangerous lapse of the shop’s duties.

The businesses you frequent are hopefully used to taking simple precautionary steps, such as keeping walkways safe and storing merchandise securely. However, the unfortunate fact is that some companies do not understand the disastrous effects a simple slip or fall might have on a person’s life. They might focus on their bottom line instead of hiring enough staff to keep a facility clean and safe for you, their customer. They could eschew reading the requirements for safe business operation altogether. They could even carry inadequate liability insurance.

A company could be entirely liable for the costs you incurred if you had an accident in its place of business. In fact, according to FindLaw, these rules recently expanded their definition in order to let a jury decide whether a landlord protected people adequately from potential injury on the premises.

There are usually many entities involved in a premises injury claim. Each person or organization, including the insurance companies, businesses, landlords and yourself, would have to present their own report of the incident. After everything was taken into account, it would then be time to decide who paid for any medical bills or other damages you might have incurred. This is intended as informational content only. Please do not take it as legal advice.