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Common injuries you may receive if a drunk driver hits you

Car accidents in California are nothing to make light of. Some incidents that occur are hard for drivers to avoid. But the accidents that are caused by drunk drivers usually have a major impact on unsuspecting motorists and their passengers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.8 percent of motorists in the state admit to driving while impaired in the last month. People who are fortunate enough to survive this type of incident often face continuous struggles with their health, finances and other areas of their lives. 

Drunk driving accidents may not be easy to predict. But motorists can learn more about the type of injuries they may incur so they can take measures to minimize their impact. 

Bone fractures, breaks and damaged ligaments 

Often times, drunk drivers hit other vehicles from the side, causing side-impact collisions. Injuries that are more likely to occur in side-impact crashes are those that affect the victims’ legs and arms. Many people who are hit from the side by drunk motorists usually end up with broken and fractured bones and torn ligaments. Broken bones can take several weeks to heal. The recovery time for fractures and ligaments is often much longer and may require surgeries and rehabilitation. Victims do not always recover their full mobility and flexibility. 

Brain, spinal cord and neck trauma 

Drunk drivers are usually not aware of how fast or reckless they are driving. When they crash into other vehicles, the victims often sustain blunt force trauma and damage to their brains, necks and spinal cords. Some people end up with severe bruising and whiplash. Others may end up with more severe injuries, such as damaged tracheae, significant brain trauma and permanent spinal cord damage. Victims with brain, neck and spinal cord trauma often require life-long health care and living support, states FindLaw. 

It is not easy for car accident victims to recover from their injuries, especially when they must deal with rising medical costs and living expenses. Many victims find it beneficial to seek out legal assistance to hold the intoxicated drivers who are responsible for their situations accountable.

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