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Why are seniors more susceptible to falls?

| Jun 21, 2017 | Premises Liability |

If you identify as a senior and live in California, your chance of suffering an injury relating to a slip or fall is considerably higher than that of the rest of the state’s population. Your risk of taking a tumble is so significant, in fact, that falls are the single-largest cause of injury, fatality and hospital visits among older Americans like you.

There are a number of reasons that you are and suffer injury as an older person. Many falls result from environmental circumstances, such as loose carpeting, poor lighting or insufficient handrails. As a senior, you may have poor vision or balance, or weak muscles, which may make these environmental hazards more difficult to navigate or avoid.

Speaking of poor vision, it, too, contributes to the high number of seniors who are falling down. As an older person, you are more likely to develop degenerative eye diseases that have negative effects on vision. While wearing glasses or contacts as prescribed should help you reduce your risk of a slip-and-fall accident, doing so is unlikely to eliminate the risk entirely.

If you are recovering from a serious surgery, this, too, may increase your odds of taking a tumble. Certain surgeries that are common among seniors, such as hip replacement procedures, can affect your balance, and if you are taking certain painkillers after such a procedure, this, too, can inhibit balance. Because you are more likely to remain stationary and abstain from physical activity as a senior, you may experience a loss of muscle or bone mass, and this, too, increases your risk of a serious injury resulting from a slip or fall.

This information about risk factors that may lead seniors to fall is informative, but please do not consider it a replacement for legal advice.