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How can I keep safe while riding my motorcycle?

Motorcycles have as much right to the California road as any car, truck or van. However, the fact is due to their smaller size, motorcycles are also harder to see for many motorists than an ordinary automobile. A motorcycle rider's best bet to preventing a road accident is to make their bike as noticeable as possible to other drivers.

According to RideApart, motorcyclists should be aware of the blind spots of automobiles. While it is unlikely any vehicle can avoid driving into another vehicle's blind spot, recognizing blind spots is still crucial and any bike rider should try to get out of one safely at the first opportunity. If you are riding a motorcycle and need to pass, you should pass quickly, and when you pick a lane, take a position where you can be clearly seen by other vehicles.

Who pays for injuries from accidents at retail stores?

You deserve to have a safe shopping experience, whether you are browsing a local boutique or getting a bargain at a warehouse club. Unfortunately, many California retailers do not place your safety as their first priority. If you were to be injured while running your daily errands, that could represent a dangerous lapse of the shop's duties.

The businesses you frequent are hopefully used to taking simple precautionary steps, such as keeping walkways safe and storing merchandise securely. However, the unfortunate fact is that some companies do not understand the disastrous effects a simple slip or fall might have on a person's life. They might focus on their bottom line instead of hiring enough staff to keep a facility clean and safe for you, their customer. They could eschew reading the requirements for safe business operation altogether. They could even carry inadequate liability insurance.

Just how safe are amusement parks?

If you and your family have plans to spend some time this summer at one of California's many amusement parks, you may not give much though to whether your child will be safe while there. Most people figure that amusements must be highly regulated and are therefore inherently safe, but regrettably, this is not always the case.

According to CNN, visitors to American amusement parks experience tens of thousands of injuries every year, with 30,000 emergency room visits linked to amusement park injuries in 2016 alone. The number of amusement park ride-related injuries has also climbed in recent years, with more than 1,500 ride-related injuries reported in 2015 alone. However, some safety advocates believe amusement park accidents and injuries may go unreported, and that the actual figures associated with park accidents, and ride-specific park accidents, are likely much higher.

Do not quickly waive your liability rights after an accident

Some people look at their wrecked car and think they got off lucky if they didn't need to go to the hospital or only suffered slight pain that went away quickly. However, you may be making a big mistake by quickly signing a release of liability form. Not all California automobile accident victims experience pain or suffering immediately following an auto accident, and you may be throwing away valuable compensation rights by signing them away too soon.

Why would your injury symptoms wait to show themselves? The Huffington Post explains that immediately following an accident, your adrenaline levels are high. The resulting boost in adrenaline can mask pain or other signs that something is wrong with your body. Anyone who has just been through an auto accident should seek medical help immediately, as even life threatening symptoms might be suppressed.

What is road rage?

Driving is a stressful situation for many people. It can bring about extreme emotions that you may not experience outside of the car. For some people, it may cause a condition known as road rage. WebMD defines road rage as intentional and severe reactions to other drivers. You may have heard reports about drivers in California who suffer from road rage and how these incidents can lead to accidents and even deaths.

News reports have been done on incidents where a driver has killed another driver due to road rage. All it takes is another driver doing something that is risky or that offends another driver to set off a road rage incident. While you may get upset with other drivers, you may not experience road rage because it is an extreme emotional state where your anger takes over. It is aggression that is uncontrolled and makes you act on it. 

How common is amnesia?

Television and movies like to use amnesia as a plot device. However, in real life, this medical condition is not a lot like how it is portrayed in these creative works. Amnesia can be a full loss of memories or just partial loss. It also comes in many forms, which determine what memories you lose. You may wonder how likely it is that if you are in an accident or otherwise injured in California that you will get amnesia. 

To begin with, Medical News Today explains there are many different types of amnesia. Most do not completely wipe out your memory. They make memories hazy or make you have trouble remembering new things. Plus, injuries do not cause all types of amnesia. Some forms are caused by medical conditions, traumatic psychological experiences or habits, such as drinking heavily. In addition, many types are not long lasting. You will eventually get your memory back. If you are injured, you would only have the potential of getting amnesia if you have a blow to the head. 

What are the most severe bone breaks?

You may think of a broken bone as a minor inconvenience, but in some cases, certain types of breaks can be catastrophic. It is important to understand what breaks are severe. Knowing how severe your break is will enable you to more properly care for yourself once you leave the hospital. 

OrthoInfo explains the most dangerous types of broken bones are those where the skin is broken during the break. This type of break is referred to as an open, compound fracture. Sometimes the bone will break through the skin. The skin may also be broken by the blow that caused the break. It is serious because anytime the skin is damaged, it introduces bacteria, which can lead to an infection, which can further complicate the healing process. 

What benefits can railroad workers pursue after an accident?

Employees in most industries are protected by workers’ compensation benefits after a serious work-related injury. However, railroad workers are protected under a separate system, known as the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). Under this system, railroad workers may be eligible for benefits as long as they can demonstrate that the railway company’s negligence contributed to their injury.

If the employee can prove negligence, their FELA settlement is determined based on the level of each party’s comparative negligence. The greater the degree of the company’s responsibility, the more FELA benefits the employee is eligible to receive. If you can prove employer negligence, what benefits can you receive under FELA?

What are the type of comas?

A coma is a condition that can happen after a catastrophic injury. While you may have heard of this type of medical condition before, what you may not know is there are different types of comas. If you have a loved one who is in a coma in a California hospital, it may be helpful to understand each type. 

WebMD explains there are six types of comas. If your loved one has suffered a serious head injury, then he or she may be placed in a medically induced coma, which helps to stop swelling. This is done by giving the patient medications to include a coma. After a severe injury, a person may also go into an anoxic brain injury coma. This is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. Injuries may also lead to brain death, which is state when there is no brain activity. It is caused by extensive injuries to the brain. The last type of coma caused by injury is a persistent vegetative state. This is when a person is unconscious and incapable of moving and unaware of what is happening. 

What is a catastrophic sports injury?

Catastrophic injuries can happen quickly and without much warning. Often, they are a result of an accident. However, if you play sports in California, then you are at risk for such an injury every time you play. Some of these may be minor, but some may be severe. Catastrophic sports injuries, according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, is an injury that results in a permanent disability, serious damage to the body even if it heals completely or death. 

Some examples of such an injury include neck fractures, concussions, paralysis and cardiac arrest. They are severe and require immediate attention by medical personnel. These injuries affect a person's life in a major way even if it is only for a short period of time during recovery. They are a traumatic experience for you and something that may prevent you from playing sports in the future. You may lose skills or the ability to do certain things because of the injury. 

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