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What are the dangers of excessively heavy trucks?

If you have ever passed a weigh station on a California highway, you may have wondered about the purpose of that station. These stations weigh big trucks to ensure that they are the proper weight to fit the applicable operating specifications. A truck that exceeds weight requirements is a major risk on the road and could cause road damage or a devastating auto accident.

An article run by the Industrial Scale Company explains that big cargo trucks, if they weigh too much, pose dangers to other vehicles that drive close by. An overloaded truck loses some ability to maneuver, which inhibits the driver from reacting in time to other vehicles or unexpected events. Overweight trucks also require more distance to come to a halt. And if the truck is driving downhill, the trucker may find it harder to control the truck or halt its momentum.

Can a car crash paralyze you?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Should you become the victim of a California car crash, the result could be paralysis of the lower part of your body or even virtually all of it, forcing you to live in a wheelchair for the remainder of your life.

The Mayfield Clinic, an internationally recognized leader in neurological surgery, explains that your spinal cord and its nerves represent the way in which your brain carries messages to the rest of your body. If you completely or even partially sever your spinal cord during a car crash, those messages cannot get through and you could lose the ability to voluntarily move below your point of injury.

How do mild to severe back injuries differ?

Car crash victims often suffer from injury to the neck and back . Depending on the type of crash and the severity of it, you may be dealing with a mild, moderate or severe injury.

Back and neck injuries are usually classified as by these three terms. Obviously the more severe the injury to the neck or back is, the harder it will be to heal from and the more it will impact your life.

What you can do to increase safety around big rigs

As you approach an 18-wheeler on a highway, you may hang back a bit while the vehicle ahead of you passes it. Only when you can shoot past the mammoth vehicle do you proceed.

If this sounds familiar, you understand that these large, heavy vehicles can cause an enormous amount of damage to you and your passengers should something go wrong. You want to get to your destination safely, and you have a healthy fear of semi-trailers. 

Will autonomous trucks be on the road soon?

For years, auto industry leaders have discussed the future of autonomous vehicles and related policy. Currently, most passenger vehicles are only partially automated, ranked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Now, trucking industry leaders are pushing for a seat at the table.

In an attempt to address trucking safety, the American Trucking Associations President and CEO told government leaders on Capitol Hill last week that he felt the trucking industry had been excluded from the discussion about autonomous vehicles. He said the trucking industry should be included in any policy discussion considering that the industry transports 71% of freight in this country.

Brake failure a frequent cause of commercial truck crashes

If watching large trucks thunder down steep California hills makes you uneasy, you are in good company. Based on their size and weight alone, semi trucks pose a serious threat to you and everyone else they encounter, and when those massive vehicles are also traveling downhill, it is essential that they have properly functioning brakes. At Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson LLP, we understand that brake failure is a common cause of today's trucking accidents, and we have helped many people who suffered injuries or lost loved ones in truck crashes pursue compensation.

According to Transport Topics, today's truck drivers need to do more than simply rely on their air brake systems to get them down steep hills safely. Air brakes can fail for any number of different reasons, and while some of those reasons involve faults within the systems, themselves, others result from user errors.

How could a car accident affect your ability to see?

What does a car accident have to do with your ability to see? Of course, some sort of debris could get into your eye and cause you to have vision problems, at least temporarily; however, that is not the focus of this article. Here, the discussion will center on how a concussion, or traumatic brain injury, can give you vision problems that could last for an appreciable amount of time.

Who pays when trucks crash?

Should a truck collision injure you or someone you love, there would probably be severe consequences. These crashes are violent, involving heavy commercial vehicles at high speeds. That means the people responsible for the accident would probably have quite a bit at stake in terms of medical bills and other economic damages under California law.

Unfortunately, this might cause the people responsible for your injuries to pass the blame on to others, in order to escape responsibility. In order to understand this process, and to determine whether people are indeed trying to shirk accounability, it is important that you know all of the parties involved in your incident. Please read on for a brief description of people and companies that may share some of the blame for an injury you received from a crash with a truck.

What to know about an underinsured driver

Uninsured drivers can be a big problem if one collides with you on a California road. Without insurance to cover your bills, the cost of covering medical and property damage can burn a big hole in your wallet. However, some drivers, while they actually do possess auto liability insurance, may not possess enough to cover the full cost of damages if they are at fault. These are known as underinsured drivers.

Allstate explains that the exact definition of an underinsured driver varies by state. Generally, an underinsured driver is defined as such because the driver does not possess enough liability to provide coverage for all the damages he cause, if at fault following an automobile accident. For instance, if your bills resulting from an auto crash add up to $150,000 but the other party's liability only covers up to $100,000, your full compensation will fall $50,000 short.

Long derailment investigation comes to a close

Injuries that railroad workers suffer in California or other states fall under a law called the Federal Employers' Liability Act, or "FELA." This law permits workers to  recover compensation for financial as well as non-economic losses. However, full recovery often requires extensive investigation and takes some time to achieve.

Evidence of these systemic processes and the associated delays can be found in nearly every derailment investigation. For example, NTSB investigators took almost two years to release new information on a 2017 crash, confirming that the engineer was traveling at over twice the speed limit around a curve. 

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