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Should you drive with the flow of traffic?

It is no surprise that traffic in California is often a mess. One thing that always seems to come up is a concern about speeding. Some people say you should always go with the flow of traffic to prevent traffic jams and accidents, even if the speed others are going is faster than the posted speed limit. However, is this good advice?

According to LifeHacker, that is not good advice because you should never go above the posted speed limit. You can be pulled over for going even one mile over the posted limit. While you may feel as if you have protection when traveling in a pack of vehicles that are all speeding, you really are just gambling. While law enforcement cannot pull every speeding car over, they will still pull people over, and you may just be the unlucky one out of the crowd that finds yourself on the side of the road with the flashing lights in your rear view mirror.

Common injuries you may receive if a drunk driver hits you

Car accidents in California are nothing to make light of. Some incidents that occur are hard for drivers to avoid. But the accidents that are caused by drunk drivers usually have a major impact on unsuspecting motorists and their passengers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.8 percent of motorists in the state admit to driving while impaired in the last month. People who are fortunate enough to survive this type of incident often face continuous struggles with their health, finances and other areas of their lives. 

Drunk driving accidents may not be easy to predict. But motorists can learn more about the type of injuries they may incur so they can take measures to minimize their impact. 

Tips for coping with sudden loss of sight

Injuries directly to the eyes and some head injuries may lead to a loss of vision. Those who find themselves suddenly without sight may be afraid and concerned about their future in California. It can be difficult to adjust to life without sight because it is such an important sense that is relied upon everyday. However, it is possible to live a full and happy life without being able to see. 

According to VisionAware, the loss of sight has been equated to the loss of a loved one because it often makes people go through the stages of grief. A person may be sad, angry, depressed and wondering why this happened. It can be an intense situation, but the initial step to healing and moving on is to accept the situation and understand how many other people are in the same situation. In fact, there are 6.5 million people who have some type of vision loss in the country. Understanding they are not alone can be comforting. 

Railroad injuries and the FELA process

Most railroad injuries are the result of collisions or derailment. The catastrophic incidents hit the news, but smaller accidents happen regularly on the job site, injuries railroad workers. Bruises, fractures and burns are some common injuries that workers experience when a situation gets out of control.

What should a business owner know about premises liability?

As a business owner in California, you are probably aware of the general liability you have to keep workers and customers safe. It is likely you understand slip and fall accidents and how they could affect you financially. However, this is not the only type of liability you face, and customers and employees are not the only people you have to protect. According to Forbes, your premises liability includes anyone who is on your property, such as vendors, neighbors and even in limited capacity criminals. 

If you rent, you may think you do not have to worry about premises liability issues. That is not true, though. Your landlord may be responsible for some things, but many times, the liability will fall on you. You must protect yourself even if you do not own the building in which your business is located.

Diesel fume risks for railroad workers

There are many dangers on the job for railroad workers in California. However, some are easier to see than others. One such danger that has not really been given the attention it requires is diesel fume exposure. According to the American Cancer Society, exposure to diesel exhaust fumes may cause lung cancer. For a railroad worker, this is a serious concern because of long-term, excessive exposure to exhaust fumes. In fact, railroad workers are among some of the most exposed workers.

While tests and research are not conclusive, studies have shown promising links between diesel exhaust exposure and cancer in lab rats. Lung cancer seems to be the most likely cancer caused by this substance, but there may be links to other cancers, such as larynx, stomach, lymphoma, bladder and leukemia. Diesel exhaust is considered a cancer-causing agent by many leading health organizations, such as the National Toxicology Program and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Why are seatbelts still a top vehicle safety device?

Seatbelts are one of the oldest safety devices in your vehicle. You may wonder, with all the new safety advances, why seatbelts are still important. Do you really need to bucklel up to stay safe when your vehicle is covered in air bags and has so many other safety devices? The reality is that every person in a vehicle on California roadways needs to be buckled up for maximum safety.

According to PR Newswire, the basic design of your seatbelt-the three-point model-is so effective because it helps to disperse force and pressure while also keeping you secure in the seat. Basic physics tells you that something in motion will remain motion until it hits a fixed object. When you are in a crash, your vehicle is stopped by the other vehicle or stationary object it hits. Your body keeps moving forward. If you are wearing a seatbelt, though, it acts as the object that stops your forward momentum.

What two injuries have delayed symptoms after a car accident?

When you are involved in a car accident in California, you may have a false sense of security afterwards if you do not have any apparent injuries. However, days later, you could wake up in serious pain. According to Patch, the two most common injuries that may not show immediate symptoms after a motor vehicle crash are concussions and whiplash.

Delayed symptoms of these injuries are typically caused by your pain receptors being blocked by the natural chemicals your body releases after you have experienced a stressful situation. These chemicals block the pain so you can react to whatever is happening and ensure your survival. It is a very primitive reaction, but it does allow you to focus on getting to safety and handling the immediate aftereffects of the accident.

What is the attractive nuisance doctrine?

As a parent in Oakland, you want your young children to be free to go outside and experience the carefree adventures that come with youth. At the same time, you are likely concerned that they will encounter certain conditions and attractions that, despite your warnings, they may not see as being dangerous. Since you cannot keep them locked up inside, you are left hoping that those who own the properties on which such attractions can be found have taken the necessary steps to prevent kids from being harmed by them. If they have not, can they be held liable if such an attraction injures your child? 

The attractive nuisance doctrine says that they can. This principle (as shared by Cornell University's Law School) states that property owners can be held responsible for injuries to children caused by objects or conditions on their land. This holds true even if the children were on the property without permission. This doctrine recognizes that children may lack the maturity needed to perceive the danger that certain attractions may pose. 

Complications associated with spinal cord injuries

If you have ever suffered a spinal cord injury in California, you probably have some idea of just how debilitating and long-lasting the effects of your injury can be. Spinal cord injuries occur when the cord itself or the nerves at the end of the spinal cord suffer damage, which can cause permanent issues and a range of related complications. At Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson LLP, we have a firm understanding of the types of complications that can arise from spinal cord injuries, and we have assisted many clients whose quality of life suffered as a result of such injuries.

After a spinal cord injury, Mayo Clinic reports that you may find that you have problems controlling your bladder, bowels or both. The spinal cord injury can hinder the brain’s ability to receive signals when it is time to empty your bladder, causing accidents and embarrassment. You may experience similar problems with your bowels, though you may be able to take steps, such as following a high-fiber diet, to minimize symptoms.

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