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"The pace by which doctors and researchers are unravelling and understanding the complex problems which can develop after a closed head injury is astounding. We have spent countless hours learning how to understand and present these facts to a jury the interwoven effects concussion (or MTBI – Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) has on the victim and their family. These effects include memory loss, anger, emotional, and visual difficulties as well as depression anxiety and personality change." Attorney Anthony S. Petru

A brain injury is forever. Even a minor concussion resulting from a blow to the head or sudden deceleration of the brain in a whiplash incident can result in long-term memory loss and damage to cognitive abilities. Frequently, symptoms don't immediately become evident, often taking weeks or months before friends, family members and co-workers recognize that something isn't quite right.

If you think you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident in California, or have already been diagnosed by a medical professional, don't assume the symptoms will go away. Many people require years of occupational and cognitive therapy, possibly for the remainder of their lives. Victims of an injury that damages the brain can suffer consequences that are often life-changing and permanent. If you are confronted with these problems because of someone else's carelessness in causing your injury, you should consult with a brain injury attorney to protect your rights and obtain the care and compensation you need.

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Along with the medical care you need following a serious head injury, you will also require sound legal representation from a team of attorneys with proven experience settling and winning trial verdicts in this complex area of catastrophic injury litigation. For more than 90 years, we have been the personal injury trial attorneys people have trusted with their rights and their futures. We have the professional and financial resources to handle your case from beginning to end. Most importantly, we have the commitment to make sure you receive the most effective legal representation available.

From offices in Oakland and Glendale, we represent clients throughout Northern and Southern California.

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For complex catastrophic injury cases, we have a team of investigators to conduct a thorough inquiry into the facts of your claim. We also engage a network of independent experts, such as accident reconstruction experts, neurological medical specialists and compensation experts to make sure you have the strongest evidence to present at trial.

While we do everything we can to win full and fair compensation in a negotiated settlement, we know that trial is often the only way to ensure our clients receive the compensation to which they are entitled. We prepare for trial from the first day and have an excellent record of winning in court.

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