Accident Reports

Your accident report can be the most important document in connection with your FELA claim. IT IS CRUCIAL TO NOTE THE NEGLIGENT ACTS OF THE RAILROAD WHEN FILLING OUT YOUR ACCIDENT REPORT. That means noting all causes of the accident, including defective equipment, poorly maintained equipment, dangerous practices, negligent co-workers, and unsafe instructions from management. YOU MUST THINK HARD AND CLEARLY BEFORE FILLING OUT YOUR ACCIDENT REPORT. If you are in shock, in pain, or under the influence of medication, you should NOT fill out the report until you are in a clear state of mind. Do NOT let managers and claims agents pressure you into filling out an accident report. You can fill out the report when you are reasonably able to do so, fully and accurately. If the claims agent or manager refuses to let you go and insists an accident report be filled out, print on the face of the form, "FILLED OUT UNDER DURESS."

Please see the following railroad related forms compliments of Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson, LLP

BNSF Forms:
Accident Form / Accident Reporting on the BNSF
UPRR Forms:
Accident Form / Accident Reporting on the UPRR
Medical Progress Form

Request for Leave Form

Non Workers' Compensation Insurance Form