Our Investigators

Our Investigators

KD Lee

Tom Lelevich was born in Sacramento, California. While growing up, Tom lived in various cities along the lines of the former Western Pacific

Railroad. While growing up, his father worked for both the Western Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad as a manager in the maintenance of way department.

Tom hired out with the Western Pacific Railroad in Oakland, California on June 12, 1978 in the maintenance of way department. Shortly after hiring out, he transferred to yard service. He remained in yard and train service until 2004, when he left to join Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson, Inc.

Tom also held various union positions throughout his 26-year career, including Local President and Chairman. Tom's hobbies include woodworking, hunting, fishing, and motorcycle riding. Tom is married and has two children.

Marty Dollar has investigated cases on behalf of injured railroad workers since the 1980s. He has worked cases throughout the western United States and Alaska. At Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson, liability investigation is performed in collaboration with Hildebrand attorneys in a team concept that utilizes Marty's experience. He understands the importance of strengthening liability through an awareness of the elements of the FELA, Safety Appliance Act, Locomotive Inspection Act, State and FRA safety regulations, and the proper work procedures codified within OSHA regulations and national safety standards. Examples of the cases Marty has investigated include fatalities, amputations, trip-and-fall, material handling, slack action events, derailments, hearing loss, toxic inhalation, overhead hazards, hazardous work environment, and occupational disability. His experience includes railroad crossing crashes, motor vehicle collisions, and a various personal injury matters. He is available by phone or electronic communication.

Marty has been an investigator since 1973, following graduation from San Diego State University. His initial training and experience was in criminal defense investigation for the Public Defender in Multnomah County, Oregon and then five years with the Federal Public Defender in Portland, Oregon.

Marty has been married for over four decades to his wife, Peggy. They have three grown children and several grandchildren. Marty is active in his church and community not-for-profits.

Art Flores Investigator
Art Flores

Diego Rojas Investigator
Diego Rojas was born in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. In 1962 the family moved to San Pedro, California, to be closer to their father who was working as a fishermen on the tuna boats. In June of 1974, Diego graduated from San Pedro High School and shortly after that he enlisted in the US Army. After completing his 3 year term and getting an honorable discharge, Diego hired out with the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1978 in the Maintenance of Way department. In 1979 he transferred to train service, and remained there until he sustained a disabling injury in 1991. He retained Designated Legal Counsel to resolve his FELA claim against the Southern Pacific Railroad and thereafter wished to assist other injured railroad workers in their pursuit of justice. He has worked as an investigator with Hildebrand McLeod & Nelson since 2012.
Diego is married and has two daughters. He enjoys bike riding with his wife on the weekends along Southern California's beaches.

Amy McCarthy Investigator
Amy McCarthy, nee Richardson, was born in Topeka, Kansas, the seventh oldest of fifteen children. In 1997, she was one of the very last clerks the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad hired. After the company started automating and downsizing, she saw the writing on the wall that she would soon be out of a career if she stayed, so she transferred to the Transportation Department in Southern California and became a trainman. Once in California, Amy also became involved with her Union and did the Secretary Treasurer work.

On September 29, 2001, while working for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, she was injured when a switch hung up, causing her to suffer a career ending neck injury. Anthony Petru represented her at trial and they became, and remain friends. After an extensive recovery period, she was ready to re-join the workforce and was available if the law firm needed anyone in her area. The next day, July 9, 2009, Anthony asked her to come to work for Hildebrand, McLeod and Nelson. She enjoys helping others, especially railroad workers, any way she can and paying it forward.

Amy and her husband Sean married in July of 2004. They have 3 children. When she is not working on cases, she can be found spending time with her children and grandchildren, fishing, camping, reading and rooting for her K.C. Chiefs and K.C. Royals.